About HTG

Huntleigh Technology Group (HTG) was established in El Paso in 1990 and we are currently celebrating our 20th anniversary.

In 1994, Huntleigh became the first Internet Service Provider in El Paso offering Internet access and e-commerce services. Today, we continue to pioneer, bringing the most innovative telecommunications technology to the area, including broadband, VoIP, and data networking.

Being locally owned and operated has allowed us to focus on our customer service and commitment to El Paso business. This is what sets us apart from national and other regional providers. We value your business and strive for your success. Our representatives are happy to customize an information technology plan suitable to the needs of your office, whether you are in the construction phase, or celebrating a major anniversary. We can relate to you and we are happy to serve you.

As a Telco, HTG is directly connected to major national backbone providers providing both redundancy and diversity. Additionally, the company is directly connected to both of the El Paso local phone companies: AT&T and an alternative competitor. The advantages offered to one of our customers of HTG being directly connected to the two local phone companies — beyond choice — is that Huntleigh is able to provide the further redundancy and diversity to customers requiring the highest levels of network availability, which neither local phone company on their own will offer-however, HTG can and will provide this service.

HTG is a proud member of Homegrown El Paso, the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. We have also been a proud sponsor of the Hyundai Sun Bowl for more than a decade.

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